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I am so glad you responded so quickly and it was such a relief to see uniformed employees that were neat and friendly! They promptly took care of my water leak problem and left the property cleaner than it was before the backup. We were very happy with their services and would recommend them to anyone.

- E. Roberts

Water Damage Removal North Miami

When you need really fast emergency water extraction, you can always call Water Damage North Miami. We’re open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we can get a certified water damage technician to start your water damage extraction process immediately!

Our water extraction team is first rate, and extremely professional. We only use advanced, state-of-the-art, equipment; as well as a variety of techniques which will get the water out - now! Really serious water damage, such as those experienced with a flood, require serious attention.

This will ensure that not only is all of the water extracted, but also that all of the wet areas in a property are dried completely, and treated swiftly to minimize lasting water damage effects. If the water extraction is not performed quickly enough, then the water damages to your property could become very severe in the near-future!

There are certain things you can do in the event of water damage, while waiting for our expert technicians to arrive, these may prove to be crucial later on:

- Switch off the circuit breakers providing power to the area(s) that is affected by the water damage.
- If it is feasible and safe to do so, try to stop the flow of water.
- Give a call to Water Damage North Miami; and our specialists and experts will reach the site within half an hour.
- The moment they are on site, they will stop the water incursion and then immediately start the process of restoration.
- They will take away all your valuable items, such as; important documents, pictures, etc. This will prevent them being damaged.
- At any point in time, if you realize that the water damage is occurring due to a contaminated source, such as the sewer line, vacate the area immediately so as to prevent any serious health hazards.

For all your Water Damage issues and concerns, Call Water Damage North Miami Now!!!


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